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Truly passionate senior digital media & digital marketing executive, multi entrepreneur, artist, storyteller and technologist specialised in generating multi-million revenue, leading the next big challenge, helping empower a force for good in the world.

As an entrepreneur and founding member of Nasdaq-listed Brightcove Inc. in Europe, developed from scratch and on its own the whole business in Iberia performing multiple roles, generating direct revenue growth of more than 29x from year one, contributing with multi-million revenue business, building and protecting the local reputation and credibility of the company and brand as market-facing leader, country manager and ambassador, in Southern Europe and Latin America.

Actively collaborates to empower research to erradicate children's cancer through eg the organization of fundraising concerts with collaboration of Maestro Sebastián Forster. He is especially passionate about digital filmmaking and storytelling, which he studied with Robert McKee, about open-source technologies, a fair music industry model and the CreativeCommons.

Born and educated in Buenos Aires, with family roots in Orense (Galicia), enjoys life with beloved wife in Barcelona, home since 1986.

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